Season 2 on Narco’s ended with some bad news about the Narco’s fan’s.

Our Narco’s Medellin Lord got killed by the CIA and the Columbia Militia, whom the roof of his apartment where he was hiding. Pablo Escobar lived his life like a king

He had everything what a man can wish for, he even builds his own prison to imprison himself to pay his sentence for his crime’s. How funny is that?

Some say he was the richest man in the world in the 90’sfrom his drug empire that he had built and which supplied 90% of cocaine in the US.


How smart can a man be?

Well, Pablo did not have any limitsHe was always one step ahead of everybody. The CIA and the Militia were trying to track him down for year’s. He was a dictator, a killer, a drug lord but he also had his sensitive side about his family and his Country. His enemy was the state himself, The President. Also, he had problems with other narcotic suppliers who were trying to take Pablo down from his throne.

Is there anything else left to the story ?Left to be seen in the new season now?

Now that Pablo Escobar has been eliminated, what are the producer’s thinking to do so that the fan´s will still follow it? Cali drug lord´s will take over now after Pablo’s legacy is over.


They were also his enemy´s in cocaine supplying, remembering that time when Cali was trying to take over Pablo´s factories where he was producing his cocaine.

The producer Erik Newman said that he´s going to try to stay true on the chronology of the actual event´s what happened, but still he said that half of it is going to be fiction ,to make the story more interesting.

The CIA agent Murphy and Colombian police agent Javier Pena are not going to be on the third season of the seriesAfter they caught Pablo they real life´s become different and they both leave the Colombian state in real lifeOnly Pena will come back after a while to Colombia, but it´s yet to confirm if he will be part of the season 3.

Anyways, the started filming last year in November, so we wait for this year to come out and see how it´s going to be without Pablo.

Check out the trailer —>>>

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