After years of waiting, they are finally back. Prison Break starts on April of this year.

The question is do they still got it? Can they act again their characters?

The first season was a major success. Everybody was talking about Prison Break.

The last season did not get such great reviews as the first one. Is it necessary to make another season? Some series lost their popularity like this on the final season .

If this season going to be interesting as much the other seasons OR people will get uninterested and they won’t buy their season DVD? Well, lets wait for an answer.


One thing is for sure,the news came out quickly and people are excited about the new season .Maybe having the same success like Game of Thrones ? I don’t know. Game of Thrones wasn’t there that time when Prison Break was shown. Different timeline.

Michael (Miller Wentworth) said back in 2010 said that there wont be another season ,the story was told ´.But here we are again Michael coming back from the dead, Dom on his side with Sara and Sucre also just announced that he´s gonna be on it.


Seven years later Sara and Dom find out that Michael is alive after he got buried dead .He is alive in a prison in Yemen. Now Dom, Sara, Sucre and C-Note to make a plane to rescue him. A plan to take Michael out of prison and the state itself.

Prison Break April 4 ,2017

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